​​Hi! Please, don't get the impression that the CAT II Q might be inferior, after noting, that it is the least expensive foreskin restoration aid of its type. After making thousands of CATs, I've gotten very efficient! You'll promptly receive a quality product, which will serve you well.

I hope this helps some of you "veterans", who have been doing foreskin restoration, as well as all of you "newbies".
You are probably asking, "Why would I want to use the CAT Stretcher to restore my foreskin?" The foreskin not only makes a big difference in a man's own sexual pleasure, but its presence, also, makes a dramatic difference to the partner on the receiving end of the penis, enhancing their pleasure and comfort, while substantially increasing their rate of orgasmic success.

Before we go any further, let me say "that I believe the CAT II Q stretcher aid for foreskin restoration will work better for you, than anything else I've seen so far, allowing you to reach your goal as soon as possible."  We also offer a "Deep Pusher" for advanced user comfort and efficiency.

I was looking around the Internet and came across some "foreskin restoration" pages. Up to that point, I didn't realize it was possible. I thought that I could come up with something that tensioned better and was less cumbersome than most of the methods available.

I came up with the "CAT stretcher" foreskin restoration aid, the current model being the "CAT II Q".

After looking at the different methods available, I created a "Constant Applied Tension" stretcher or the CAT Stretcher, which applies outer and inner adjustable tension. (The first CAT Stretcher used tape and the current CAT Stretcher has progressed to tapeless... the CAT II Q ... quick). There is a "pusher" to go against the glans, and a "puller" to grab the foreskin via an outer silicone cone. In between both, pusher and puller, is a rod, which the puller travels on for quickly adjusting the tension. It's much like the plug type foreskin stretcher, with the addition of the tensioner rod between the two halves (<<--->>). The features, which set the CAT II Q stretcher ahead of others, is the  "Quick tensioning" method, advanced options, safety and price, which is lower than any of the similar foreskin restoration methods, without compromising quality. The "CAT II Q - daily stretcher" will tension the inner foreskin and outer skin, at the same rate. Actually, "stretching" is kind of a misnomer, as the skin has to be gently tensioned, in order to promote "growth", over a period of time.

To my knowledge the CAT was the first tapeless, bi-directional foreskin restoration aid. The first CATs, which I made, were held in place with tape. I was reluctant to use the tapeless methods, partially due to my concern about blood flow. As a result of my concerns, I've used a tapeless design, which has the inner and outer contact surfaces, nearly parallel to each other. What this means, is that an increase in the CAT II Q tension does NOT compress the skin further.

Other tapeless foreskin restoration methods compress the skin further, as the tension is increased, thus potentially reducing blood flow! The CAT II Q "see-through" outer cone allows the captured skin to be observed. Many improvements have been made along the way, most inspired by users of previous CAT models. Several others have copied the concept of the CAT stretcher. ... "The highest form of flattery!"

Don't pay more for a product, which could accomplish less than the CAT II Q stretcher, be less comfortable, be more complicated to install/adjust and not fit into your lifestyle as easily. Even though, some products might appear to have more "bells and whistles", I've probably already tried them and determined that they didn't work as intended, for one reason or another. (see the CAT Stretcher History, above)

Look over ALL of the CAT site pages, to learn more about foreskin restoration, the CAT and the different CAT options available. Also, be sure to read the FAQ page for answers to some of the more common problems.
The CAT II Q is not intended or suggested to be worn during sleep, as there is no place for a nocturnal erection to grow. Wearing the CAT during sleep could could cause damage. The CAT II Q, foreskin restoration aid is not meant to correct any medical conditions or problems. You should consult your doctor about any procedure you are anticipating.

Questions or comments about the CAT Stretcher, write me. Tom 

By CATs Online, LLC
Foreskin Restoration .. Using the CAT II Q Stretcher Device
(penile foreskin restoration for the circumcised male)
Created 07/24/2002
Last up-date 08/03/2020