Sometimes, I even get "Snail Mail".

CAT II Q Testimonials



I just received the Cat11 Q and I absolutely love it.  I have been restorting on and off for about 2 years now.  I first used a home made device which no longer suited my needs after a few months.  Then I got the "xxx xugger" and that was effective for a while but I started having problems with it coming off.  Especially in my field, which is a field tech, I found I could not easily stop and replace the device when it came off.  I would go around for hours with the device down my leg until I could find a restroom.  I then got the "xxx".  I did not like taping and the device itself was causing stretch marks.  Then I found your device.  I just started using it and I already love it.  I have confidence that it won't come off.  It is so easy to apply and remove as needed.  I believe the tension I can achieve will greatly help in my restoration process.  After 2 years my foreskin will go over my corona and about half way over my gland but will not stay there.  I feel your device will not only help me complete my restoration process but do it more quickly than I have experienced so far.  I also feel your device will meet my needs at all stages of the process.  The last comment I wish to make about your product is the extremely reasonable price.  There are many devices on the market today, and more options than there were a few years ago.  Your product is reasonably prices and most importantly effective.

In my opinion as one who has tried multiple devices and techniques for several years now yours is the best on the market.

Jonathon in Nashville



I've been meaning to do this for some time. I bought a CATIIQ from
you about this time last year and have been using it ever since. I
just want to say that not only is it a beautifully elegant design
(and I do have a passion for things sophisticated but simple!) but it
does exactly what it's supposed to, quietly and unobtrusively. I
wouldn't be without it and although the journey is not yet over (I'm
a patient man!) I've come a long way since last September. Thank you,


Tom (cat-tek): No response needed, but I just feel compelled to thank you for the gift of your ingenuity and steadfastness. To you, what you do may seem like no more than an innate drive or a natural interest. But for folks like me, your willingness to pursue it and your dedication is a godsend. In fact, when it comes to the CAT, I’m downright envious of your engineering talent! As I guess happens with a lot of us, restoration has become much more than “something to do” for me. I’ve discovered a lot of deep meaning very suddenly and surprisingly, something I wasn’t intending to happen. I feel like there is some foreseeable closure on a difficult part of my life. And we all know how rare that can be.


If I were fiddling around with taping, or having on and off success with some homemade device, I know I wouldn’t have as much hope as I have here at the very beginning of my journey. The CAT seems so…constant. I guess that might be a strange way to describe it, but I’ve come to understand that constancy and persistence is a big player in this restoration game. The CAT just hangs on and tugs on and on. It’s constant, persistent, dedicated—even when I might not be! The ease of use is indescribable. The other night I was up much too late (3 a.m.) after having worked (and tugged) all day, and I was sitting at the computer with the CAT on, and after forgetting I was even wearing it, I looked down and finally realized I had been tugging for over 14 hours straight—completely unintended!


So, just a great big shout out of gratitude. I’m going to maintain my CAT photo-diary on FRC on a semi-monthly basis to share the good news and help motivate myself and others. After a small initial learning curve of a week, I now clearly see that the CAT works great and is simple— I feel like I was just made for it. I’ve already sent very intimate and informational emails to two of my closest male friends (and a female friend) about this entire endeavor.


Thanks and thanks and thanks. I don’t know how else to say it.




PS: I’m sending this to you because I feel compelled to tell you this, for real, from my heart—not as a piece of marketing. But if you find use for my comments as an endorsement wherever, feel free. Since I didn’t buy this on eBay, I guess I can’t leave feedback there—but let me know whatever I can do to help you out.

Hi Tom I don't know whether you welcome feedback but I thought that I'd write and tell you about the CAT II Q that I ordered from you a few months back. I am in England and had previously tried virtually every other device on the market as well as T taping. All methods were pretty much useless in terms of comfort, ease of use and as a result of those, the effectiveness of the device. Your device was my final attempt and boy am I glad that I did try it. You hardly know it's there and I wish I had tried this three years earlier instead of wasting time, money and effort on the other useless tuggers and weights that made frankly fraudulent claims. The CAT is fantastic and by a mile the best restoration device that I have used. The other devices claim to be the best but they are not, your CAT is going to change my life and for that I thank you. Regards, N.A

Hi Tom,


I purchased your CAT stretcher two weeks ago and am thrilled with the comfort, security, and ease of use that it provides.  I started re-growing my foreskin three years ago but have had many difficulties along the way.  I began by taping what little skin I had left forward onto a metal "cup" that I made at work.  When I grew enough skin, I began to use T-tape and an elastic band secured around my knee.


It wasn't long though, until I began to develop severe skin allergies to the tape adhesive and so for a long time, it was two or three days of taping and then a week off to heal.  My mind kept working to find an alternative (low cost of course) and I made a "heavy metal" 'bullet" that I rolled my foreskin over and trapped there with a urethane condom.


This worked great but a one pound weight dangling in your pants can cause some jiggling noticeable to anyone who happened to be looking, and I had to be very careful not to jump or run.  My skin growth continued, but to my dismay (well, sort of) my shaft also lengthened noticeably which in effect undid the advantage of the extra skin.


Last year, I finally gave up, and after a rough couple of weeks, my glans began to once more become de-sensitized.  When I happened across your CAT stretcher on ebay, a wondered if this really might be the device that would solve my predicament.  I tend to be a bit impulsive and so decided to spend my birthday gift money to purchase one.


After 10 days of wearing the CAT II for 12-16 hours per day, I needed to install the longer holding tube and am within an inch of needing to replace it with a longer one.  Can you cut a 6", 7", and 8" tube for me (I could drill the holes myself).  If yes, what do you charge for them.  I'm sure that I could find the material if I looked for it, but it would be easier to have you cut them from the stock that you have if the price is reasonable enough.  I am planning to continue until I have a nice overhanging foreskin.  Presently, even though I have grown a fair amount of skin, my rather large glans does not remain covered unless the skin is cold from swimming or from the weather.


Thanks again for a truly remarkable product, as it has revived hope of achieving something that I thought I could never gain.



Tim W

PS: You may use any part of this letter as testimony of your fine product

Hey Tom,

First off – you’re a GENIUS!  The CAT II is BY FAR the best method out there.  It’s so very easy to use and I know will do the trick through patience and time.  I found out that I can’t be too aggressive or it is a bit painful.  OUCH!  My bad.  Thank you very much for being so helpful during the acquisition phase while my payment was missing for awhile.  All is good.

Take care,



Thanks so much, I really appreciate you sending me the CAT11Q. It is a lot more comfortable, than the CAT11 and easier to put on and take off. I have had it on all day with three pounds of weight hanging off the end and not one problem. I have about four inches of push rod in the skin tube at this time. I think this just might give me the overhang I need. Again, thanks, I will post my thoughts on what has to be the best restoring devise ever invented.



The CAT II Q is the third generation of a skin expansion system
designed for non-surgical foreskin restoration. It's an ongoing
project by Tom(cat-tek).

Okay, if you're reading this I'm going to assume you're familiar with
some of the theory behind tugging if not the actual experience.
Basically the story goes that by putting pressure on the skin new
penile shaft skin will be encouraged to grow. This new skin would then
fold down to hug the surface of the head (or glans) of the penis.
While certainly not as good as having the original equipment intact,
the "fauxskin" provides protection as well as improved sensitivity and
sexual functioning.

Now, the tricky part about undertaking this is that you're completely
in charge of the process. It has taken me a while to figure out some
things about my body that I didn't know before. The thing about
sucessfull tugging is consistent but very gentle pressure. Too little
pressure and there's no skin growth. Too much and the skin develops
micro-tears and becomes inflamed, irritated and damaged. What that
means is that I've flipped back and forth between too much and too
little for a long time. With the help of the CAT II Q, I believe I've
reached a higher level of technique.

The CAT II Q has an effective, very simple design. Here's why I like
the CAT II Q:

*No straps
*Quick install and release
*No messy tape
*Easily adjustable pressure

I find it's easy to create a good sized skin tube with it. This seems
to be creating a larger surface area. This spreads the tension out
over a wider space which I think is great. My force was too
concentrated in my earlier efforts. If I keep getting good results
with this I'm going to be very glad for the help from you other
tuggers out there.

My prayers are for patience and determination to stick with this
process till I reach my goal of full coverage. I feel a growth spurt
coming on. The process feels very good now. It's more in balance with
both my inner and outer environments. I'm also setting a goal to stop
as many circumscisions as I can. That's part of the journey for me.

Keep on tuggin,

I just wanted to thank you for the pusher, it makes everything I like about the Q even better.


Hi guys!

Just wanted to let you know about my yourney through restoration,
cause now I think I have reached its final destination.

I have to admit that I never tried taping, because of its
unconvenience and lack of spontaneity. Taping just isnt for me.
Therefore I started off with O-rings, but they gave me an awful lot
of skin swelling if attached properly. Putting them on looser didnt
produce any tension and still left me with minor swelling so I
quickly dropped the idea of O-rings and went to the TLC.
Though the TLC is a nice working device, I had problems with outer
skin soreness after some hours of wearing it and the tugging strap
somehow interfered with my daily activities.

Then I tried the old CAT II RO for having a device which didnt need
a tugging strap. It worked out fine and I was able to put alot of
tension on the inner skin - the area which need the most attention
with me as I have very little inner skin left.
I encountered some minor slipping in the beginning, when I did have
very little skin to work with and the CAT still came with the black
outer cone. But soon after that, Tom sent me a transparent baby
bottle nipple cone which instantly solved all the slipping problems.

The only issue I still had with the CAT was major soreness and
irritation of my frenulum remnant, seemingly from the pusher of the
CAT kinda tearing on the frenulum. I contacted TOM with that problem
but I seemed to be the only one who has had encountered soreness of
the frenulum up to date. The first think I tried was filing a dent
in the pusher of the CAT, just like the gap of the TLC inner cone
for the frenulum. That gave me a little bit of relief, but was very
hard to put on with the screwing mechanism of the CAT II RO, because
the pusher kept rotating when tensioning the rod.
Therefore, Tom sent me a brand new CAT II Q, in a smaller sized
And guess what? The frenulum issue was gone, instanly, even without
filing another gap in the pusher! It seems like the lower, cut back
ridge of the pusher from the smaller CAT was the improvement which
solved my frenulum soreness.
Tom told me that he would change the shape of the regular pushers as
well, in order to keep other future CAT users like me from
encountering similar problems.

Bottom line is:
Now I have found my perfect restoration device. In my case its a CAT
II Q, regular size with pusher from the smaller version.
Its extremely comfortable to wear (I suggest using some foam on the
glans as a padding for the pusher), stelthy and so conveniant. I
dont need a tugging strap anymore and the Q version of the CAT can
be put on and off in seconds. In addition to that, it puts most
tension on the inner skin, where most guys have the greatest need of
growing skin.
Normally, I just forget about wearing it at all, some minutes after
I put it on. Thats plainly awesome for me. Wasnt able to get that
with any other device.

In addition to that, Tom is a very nice guy. He always tries to
improve the CAT design and you can get back to him if you have any
issues. He tried really hard to give me my perfect restoration
device. It needed alot of trial and error, but we made it in the
end. Tom, thank you for being so customer friendly!

I strongly encourage anyone having issues with their restoration
methods, whether it is pain, inconvenience or whatever, to contact
TOM and try the CAT Q in a variation that suits him best.

Keep restoring.....


*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the company, or owner.  I
just got fed up with how time consuming taping had become, and wanted
to try something different after 10 months of restoring.

I just got my CAT II Q today, and it works better than I had expected.
The only problem I have with it is that I have to change to the longer
push-rod. This may be due to me not putting in on correctly, basically
having too much inner skin inside of the device. I think there might
be a possibility of out-growing the other rod as well. But I will deal
with that when the time comes.  I think I will try and make a
semi-soft foam piece that will fit and be more comfortable for my
glans.  But, I don't even notice that I am wearing it right now.

I find it is easiest to put on the CAT II Q and get a good grip on the
skin by inverting the silicone cap, and then flipping it onto the
skin. And the new tensioning mechanism is great!

I put this device through a very tough test today, I went swimming
with it on. And, even though it sort of felt like it fell off after 5
minutes, it was just the water had worked it's way inside. I also
found that it will survive my gym workout and on an exercise bike, but
I find I need to move it around to find a comfortable spot sometimes.

Do you think this device be called the CAT III Q? I think there is
enough different to make it the 3rd generation.



Then it's good to be one of the guinea pigs on the new CAT II Q model. Just got it today.

It's really an ingeniously designed and simple, quick to use little device. Like I said when I ordered, it's obvious that you've worked hard at the design and production--the quick install/release system being a big plus--and I'm glad to be able to take advantage of what you've come up with. I look forward to letting it do its job.

I'll let you know how it goes.



so I got a CAT II Q, probably one of the first. The first thing I did was change out the short rod that it comes with to the larger rod, as the short rod was bottoming out (I'm pretty far along so I could have expected as much.) That was a piece of cake, though I must warn to be sure and get any sharp edges off the zip tie, I wrapped some medical tape around it afterwards just to be safe.

Putting it on was pretty much the same, though I had a slight learning curve getting used to the wider center hole. And that brings us to the best part.

quick release. I must say the mechanism is so simple yet effective. The real time saver with it is when putting it on though, not releasing, although releasing doesn't take much time either. I can go from zero to max tension pretty much instantly. Exactly what you'd expect. There's really nothing to it, just push the rod to where you want it and it's done. Nothing to tighten or screw down or etc....it locks in place as soon as some force is given in the opposite direction, and not much is needed at that. Very effective.

The only thing you can't do with the Q that you could do with the RO is adjust it while you're wearing it through your pant pocket or something sneaky like that, since all you had to do was turn it. Well, not without it being really really noticable anyway. The release isn't so easy to trigger (which is a good thing I'd say.) This is really not a big loss, as now adjusting it is so much quicker to begin with....

all around, an improvement.

Cat II Testimonials

(or as close as we can get to them)

I received my CAT II yesterday...and I have been playing with it.....I don't have that much skin yet, so getting the tensioning correct is what I am working on now.....it is a pretty slick device and your new one sounds even better.....think I will wait to get the new one, until I get comfortable with the one I have, but you will be getting an order from me one of these days Hands down (after reviewing the internet) what you have is the best product on the market


"Tom I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a perfect tool. I've tried O-rings, T-tape, and a few other odd methods, but yours is so totally self contained and applies the most tension so unbelievably easy!!! I was cut loose, so this works perfectly for me! I've left extremely positive feedback, and I gladly await your feedback as well! THANK YOU AGAIN AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"


I am using the CAT and I am having success with it. I tried T-Tape and a bunch of others, but the CAT is the most comfortable for me. I can wear the CAT all day and it doesn't slip off or pinch like other devices do. You can also work the inner foreskin and the outer foreskin at the same time.


"I also find this device more effective than the
xxxxxx.  It doesn't slip off like the xxxxxx because
of the grip holes on the outer shell.  I also like
that you can urinate through it although I remove it
and reapply because it is harder to clean with piss in
the hole.  The xxxxxx needs packing material to
stretch the inner skin while the CAT has the head
pusher to stretch inner skin.  Best of all, it is more
affordable than the xxxxxx.  I wish I discovered this
device before the xxxxxx (although xxxxxx did come
out first and I was desperate to restore when it first
came out)."


"Great product, I am shocked at how easy it is to use.  Have used O-rings in
the past but they don't apply that much tension and fall off a good bit.  I
have made more progress in the past two days with your CATIIRO than in
months working with o-rings."


"It's working quite well, surpassing the xxx by quite a
wide margin.  I haven't had any pain or difficulties
with it.  The only small negative sides are attachment
time, which takes a minute to crank it down, but I
can't think of a way around that. Also, nocturnal
erections are a bad thing.  But still it's light years
ahead of xxx, and attachment time is still better than
most devices I've tried.

I must say that the holes in the outer shell are a
stroke of genius, as that thing grips better than I
could ever imagine.  I plugged up the hole on the
inside, as it irritates my glans by producing a severe
"dimple" where the hole lies.  I refuse to pee through
it, as I've had bad luck with other devices.  But I
think it's cool to have that option for guys who are
into that.

My feeling is that the CAT II is rather safe to use,
effective, and ideal for daytime use. Certainly your
device has been a positive experience.  Thank you."



Hello, Nice.  I am not an old veteran like some of these guys, but in my
view the CATII RO is the best device out there.

You are fortunate to have a loose cut.  That reduces the size of the task
ahead.  The CAT II RO will enable you to grasp whatever skin you can pull
forward without using tape.  In addition, it has a plunger sort of part that
presses down on your dick head to cause the inner skin to stretch.  You
stretch the outer skin by external tensioning down the leg, and the inner
skin in the opposite direction with the little plunger part.  It is quite

I will critique the CAT on only one point.  The little plunger device has to
be able to turn on the shaft that pushes it against your dick head.  As a
result, it is held on that shaft only by the friction of an O-ring.  If your
device slips off, the little plunger head is quite likely to fall on the
floor.  Although that is not a enormous problem, an overly inquisitive
onlooker might have to be pacified with a "hole in my pocket" explanation.

When I first got the CAT II RO, I couldn't wear it comfortably, but as I
grew more skin, it became quite comfortable.

Some of us out in Restoration Land were losing sensation to stimulus.  This
is a completely different dysfunction than erectile dysfunction.  I have
both problems, but the ED part of things is easily handled with medication.
The loss of response to stimulus is not.  The only thing that has seemed to
help with that is the small progress I have made in restoring over the last
5 months.

One veteran restorer was passing through Baton Rouge, LA, where I live and
was good enough to volunteer to meet with me and show me some of these
technologies.  His progress was absolutely amazing.  He has not only
regained his foreskin fully, but the inside skin and the dick head have
reverted to their natural mucosal state.  It gave me a lot of hope to see
such a wonder.

Good luck on your venture.  I am going to send this message to the other Tom
who makes and sells the CAT II RO and am giving him permission to post it,
if he wants.

Tom of Louisiana

Tom, I have left positive feedback. I would appreciate it if you could leave feedback for me. Love the device.

Just letting you know that the fit and utility of the CAT 11 is
great so far. I,m wearing it most waking hours and have only had a
few times where I had to "excuse" myself from company so I could
take it off for, say 10-15 minutes, then reexcuse myself to put it
back on for another 3-5 hour stretch. I,ve noticed the extra skin I
had grown through t-tape and other devices has really loosened up
and is just dying to roll on over the corona. I'll let you all know
when that banner day occurs. My wife thinks it is cute too.(the
CAT11). Glad I found your device, and looking forward to some much
needed progress. Thanks ,

I've only had my CAT II for a week now but I'm already a believer that
it's the best FSR device on the market. I had a tight and uneven circ
with less loose skin on the right. I can't believe the difference I'm
already seeing when I'm flaccid. The skin is already evening out and
nearly the same as the left side. The topside skin (where I had the
least to work with) is even touching the glans now.



I recently got my CAT II and am already in love with it: not really
visible even with flat-front pants, no straps or tape, completely
adjustable tension, and generally easy to forget you even have it on.

For a couple of years I have moved from cross-tape, to pill-tubes, to
T-tape, to the Tugahoy, back to T-tape, etc.  This is the first
method I have actually gotten excited about!  I have achieved about
1/2 - 3/4 coverage with sitting, and slight rollover of the corona
when standing.  I stopped tugging seriously last year and have only
been using O-rings a little bit, trying to figure out what do to
next.  I'm looking foward to making more progress and finishing up
the job with the CAT II.  Great work, Tom!