(Q) How do the silicone pushers attach to the rod?

(A) The silicone pushers are meant to be a "push fit" onto the rods, thus no rivets or tape are required.

(Q) Some of the plastic pushers are no longer furnished with the rivets and tape. ???

(A) I've tried to standardize the rod to pusher attachment methods. Both silicone and plastic will be "push fit", with the plastic having a "blue bushing" to facilitate the "push fit". (A dab of lubricant, may ease the push fit)

(Q) Deep Pusher seems to adhere to the skin when applying, removing or wearing.

(A) Applying a little water based lube to the Deep Pusher will help the skin slide on the deep pusher, when applying, adjusting or wearing.

(Q) How does the change to the rivet and tape method of attaching the tension rod to the puller effect my older version CAT II Q?

(A) The only difference is the "countersunk hole" in the pushers. To use the rivet method, one of the holes in the pusher needs to be countersunk, and of course, you would need the rivet. The ties, which were previously used, will still work with either configuration of the pusher.

(Q) With the rivet/tape method, what can I replace my tape with?(Q) How does the change to the rivet and tape method of attaching the tension rod to the puller effect my older version CAT II Q?

(A) The tape can be reused as long as possible. If you need to replace the tape, any waterproof, vinyl tape will work .. Band-Aid, electrical or medical tapes. It could be cut to 1/4" wide, by 2-3/8" long. It is most critical, that the head of the rivet be covered, to prevent displacement and loss.

(Q) Is the CAT II Q shipped in discrete packaging?

(A) The CAT II Q is shipped in a brown, bubble wrap mailer. The return address will indicate "C.A.T.S.". There will be no paper work included. Instructions can be found here on the CAT Stretcher site.

(Q) When will my CAT II Q be shipped?

(A) If the order and payment come in early enough, the CAT II Q will ship the same day.

(Q) What can I do if I don't have enough skin for the CAT II Q?

(A) There are several options. You can do manual stretching, until you have enough skin. You can remove the pusher and rod from the CAT II Q and just use the puller and outer cone by themselves ... adding some packing as possible, until you can use the CAT II Q as intended.

(Q) How do I know what size CAT II Q to order?

(A) The regular size CAT is about 1-3/8" in diameter. The smaller CAT is about 1" in diameter. The easiest way to determine size, is to find a cylinder of these sizes and roll the skin over it. If the skin will roll over the cylinder without excess, this should be the size for you. The smaller CAT isn't as "robust" as the regular size CAT.

(Q) How is the best way to wear the CAT II Q?

(A) The CAT II Q can usually be best worn pointed toward the hip and held in place with brief type underwear. Because there aren't any straps required, the CAT II Q can be worn with most all clothing, including shorts.

(Q) What is the Deep Pusher for?

(A) The Deep Pusher option is for advanced restorers, as a fair amount of skin will be required. The Deep Pusher will help to prevent the glans skin from rolling forward onto itself, therefore increasing the efficiency of the tension.

Note: One user has found, that using a water based lubricant with the deep pusher, works nicely. .. making it more comfortable, with better results. 

(Q) Can I wear a tugging strap with the CAT II Q?

(A) While a tugging strap isn't required, it won't hurt to wear it when convenient. Both rods come with holes for the provided stainless steel ring.

(Q) My skin is getting pinched, and/or sore after a couple of hours. Why?

(A) Check the installation instructions to make sure you are applying the CAT II Q correctly. Many times this type of problem is caused by too much tension. Keep in mind that the skin can't be "stretched", but only encouraged to grow through constant tension. Start out with little tension and increase it to a comfortable level.

(Q) Can I sleep with the CAT on?

(A) NO! During sleep, constant nocturnal erections occur. During one of these erections, there will be no place for an erection to grow. Also, this a good time to allow the skin to rest.

Q) The outer cone seems to be too tight on my skin. Why and what can i do?

(A) It seems as if some of the guys have skin a bit thicker than others and the CAT fits a little too tight for sustained comfort. Some of those guys have found that applying the outer cone inside out has resolved the discomfort. Try it.

(Q) How do I know how much tension to apply?

(A) Keep in mind that the skin can't be "stretched", but only encouraged to grow through constant tension. Start out with little tension and increase it to a comfortable level.

(Q) My CAT II Q is slipping off after awhile. Why?

(A) Under correct tension and normal circumstances, the CAT II Q should stay on. However, if the skin or CAT are oily, it will slip. Removing the oil from both would help this situation. The CAT II Q is designed to produce minimal skin compression during tension, due to this safety feature, it will slip off with extreme tension.

Another solution, if your skin is oily or perspires, is to apply some Rosin from a Rosin bag, which can be gotten at a sports center or bowling alley. This will dry the skin surface. Be aware of allergy symptoms and once again, don't apply too much tension.

(Q) How do I get the skin even under the outer cone?

(A) Because the outer cone is see through, you can easily determine if the skin is even. If not, raise the edge of the outer cone slightly, in the areas of too much skin capture, and allow a little of the extra skin to slip out.

(Q) I've run out of room on my tensioner rod. Do I need a longer one?

(A) Usually the shorter rod will be long enough for complete restoration, provided you aren't tensioning unintended skin i.e. scrotum skin or pubis. This can be prevented by using a ring at the base of the penis. Another situation, which will occur, is the glans skin will roll over on itself, as the restoration process allows the skin to soften. The can be prevented by adding a "glans cap" (Deep Pusher), to fit the size and shape of the glans. This could be of rubber or plastic.

(Q) My CAT II Q tensioner adjustment won't hold, like it used to. Why?

(A) This could be from an oily, dirty tensioner rod or holding collet. Try washing the CAT II Q. If you are still having a "holding problem", try removing the collet and bending the little plastic fingers inward. This will create a bit more drag on the rod and in most cases, it should hold better. After extended use, the small stainless steel fingers inside of the holding collet get worn and they don't grab the rod like they did when newer. Usually, a replacement collet will correct this problem. See the shopping page.

(Q) What can I use to clean my CAT II Q?

(A) The CAT II Q can be cleaned with soap, dish liquid, etc.. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly. In extreme cases, the CAT II Q can be boiled for a short period. Be sure to not allow the water to boil dry, or the CAT will go into melt down!

(Q)  What are the parts of the CAT II Q?

(A) In addition to the parts in the picture, are the rod, end cap and the tugging ring.

(Q) What are the base rings for?

(A) The base rings will help to prevent the scrotum and pubis from being stretched out the shaft length. These could be used with nearly all restoration methods to increase the efficiency of the device or method, by concentrating the tension on the targeted skin only. The rings would be applied loosely before applying the device. More skin will be required with bi-directional devices than normal installation.

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