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Here, you'll find links to some sites, which I feel could be helpful in your understanding of the purpose of the foreskin, the restoration of the foreskin and the part the CAT II Q can play in the restoration process. Your understanding of all facets, will help you to make an informed decision. I'm sure, I've missed many, as they are always changing and growing.

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Foreskin Restoration Basics

Foreskin restoration can be done through a number of methods, including surgery and the use of various devices and methods. One example is the CAT II Q foreskin restoration device, which is the first “tapeless, bi-directional” device. The CAT II Q foreskin restoration device offers: a reasonable price structure, innovation for comfort, efficiency, flexibility, and ease of use. If you are going to see the foreskin restoration project through to your satisfaction, you’ll need a method that you can live with, while going through your daily activities. You may have to live with some inconvenience until you get enough skin to work with, but for the long haul, you won't want to be dealing with attaching extra parts, making adjustments, etc.. While it seems, that most device makers, have followed my lead, with the 'tapeless, bi-directional concept', most of their designs resemble a medieval torture device.

When starting foreskin restoration, many times manual tugging must be done first to loosen/lengthen the skin, to the point, where a device or other method can be implemented. Devices can be homemade or commercially made and must be taped in place or a pressure/friction method used to hold the device on. Some devices merely pull on the shaft skin, which also, pulls on the scrotum and pubis. (Not efficient) The CAT II Q foreskin restoration device is “bi-directional”, which means, it tensions the inner and outer skin. (More efficient) As the glans skin softens, it will try to roll forward onto itself, when the pusher and tension are applied. This can be reduced with the addition of the Deep Pusher. Furthermore, the addition of the Base Rings will help to prevent the pubis and scrotum from being pulled along the shaft. As your skin grows, both the Deep Pusher and Base Rings can be used. (Most efficient) In this configuration, all of the tension is applied to the inner and outer shaft skin! Using, either the Deep Pusher and/or the Base Rings, will require more skin.

When using the CAT II Q device for foreskin restoration, if your skin is too short, the tension rod and pusher can be removed, allowing for the glans to partially enter the back side of the puller, while the outer cone is used to hold the skin, as intended. With this method, packing can be added between the puller and glans, as permitted, to maintain some tension on the skin. Once enough loose skin is gained, the CAT II Q can be used as intended.

 Many try to use too much tension, thus resulting in the CAT II Q slipping off or causing pain after a short period. Also, if the skin is short, "just applying the CAT II Q device", may create too much tension! The skin can’t be “stretched”, but must have gentle tension applied to promote skin “growth”.  Too much tension may even be harmful, by creating micro tears, which cause scar tissue, which is slower to grow.

Also, see the FAQ page for more answers and tips.